Myths… Tasty, Tasty Myths

Normally, when I stumble across a health article on one of the major portals, my instinct is to roll eyes, brace for a clunky dose of conventional wisdom, and hope some of the advice is as at least absurd enough to be laughable (all the better if it includes some Salad Laughing shots).

Not so much with this one, in which the author takes aim at, among other misguided notions, the beliefs that saturated fat goes straight to your arteries, that salt leads to high blood pressure, and that too much protein can hurt your kidneys.

That said, this is still Yahoo! Health, and the emperor still has some clothes—check the “eat a bowl of 100 percent whole-grain cereal with nonfat milk” post-exercise rec… but the article’s overall sensible message is a good sign things are starting to crack. I’d love to see some high-visibility posts taking on other shaky CW assumptions, such as the mitigating effect of selenium on mercury uptake from fish—and maybe, just maybe, that third rail of mainstream health advice, the whole-grain sacred cow—though I won’t hold my breath on that one.

But this is nice progress. So thank you, David Zinczenko, for slapping some sensible advice onto the carousel of regurgitated mindlessness that typifies health advice on the mainstream health sites. And for reminding us how crazy it would be if everything were bad for us.


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