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I’ll Regret (Not Doing) This When I’m 80

Starting last month, my office has been hosting a “Lunch & Learn” series, composed of six separate health-focused mini seminars. A couple weeks ago, a poster went up listing the sessions, which include “What Is Good Fat?,” “To Salt or Not to Salt?,” “Cure the Sugar Blues,” “Controlling Cravings,” “What Is My Healthy Weight?,” and “You Are What You Eat.”

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My Kingdom for a Horse

Earlier this week, I stopped in at Tom Naughton’s Fat Head blog, as I do relatively often. While there, I took in My Thanks To The Dietary Guidelines Committee. This post takes the form of a thank-you missive to the USDA for continuing to promote nonsensical dietary advice–advice that could end up indirectly providing Tom’s own kids with a competitive advantage in life by virtue of their admittedly superior dietary upbringing.

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The Challenge

It was a vegan lovefest over at Harpo Studios this week. La Grande Dame got a large integer figure–378, in fact–of her staff members to sign up for a one-week “vegan challenge” at the behest of Kathy Freston, who apparently wrote a book and as such has earned the right to terrorize at least 378 hard-working TV-industry folks and, by proxy, approximately 11 billion hard-watching TV-viewer folks.

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